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Whom you get employed?

Windows is one of the most popular platforms for phone apps and it is a worthy rival to Android and iOS. And Vim Solution is not an exception that actively uses it and benefits. Skilled Windows phone application developers are in a strong demand and you can easily benefit with us hiring qualified Windows phone 7 developers or Windows phone 8 developers. We guarantee that you get real professionals who can easily improve your Windows phone app development. Hiring Windows phone apps developer of any level at our company you will have an opportunity to ensure yourself in his qualification and knowledge background.

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What is the price policy?

Our objective is to build trustful and long term relations with our customers all over the world, that is why we offer you transparent price policy. Our recruiters will find any Windows phone 7 app developer or Windows phone 8 developer for your project, depending on size, duration and your specific demands. Learn more about building WinApps with our efficient Windows phone apps developers for reasonable cost!

What are management and communication processes?

When you hire Windows phone application developer or the whole team of dedicated Windows phone app developers at Vim Solution you can control and manage all the working processes by yourself. In case you need some help or you lack experience and skills in this field our in-house specialists are eager to help you any time. With our professionals you will be always in profit in any sphere of IT industry.

What about working hours?

Working day of Windows phone app developer lasts 8 hours that let both sides strategically correctly organize their time and collaboration. Improve your Windows phone apps development with Vim Solution and be the winner all the time!


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