Project Name Online Shop
Customer USA based company working in the field of e-commerce and mobile technologies
Challenge Challenge issued to Vim Solution .NET development team was in development of system able to sell software for tablets and smartphones. The system is has been developed from zero point and was aimed at becoming an internet application that will be accessed through the web to upload new software for selling and buying.
Solution The developed system is a complicated multi-user e-commerce solution comprising thoroughly planned user management aspects.


The development effort during online shop implementation was focused on the following main features:

–      Built-in order-processing module

–      Customers management functionality that allows easily divide customers into groups and levels

–      Shop management functionality that allows administrator easily accept or cancel uploaded software and put it to an appropriate category.

–      Shop statistics

–      Taxes management.

–      Search. A search engine that allows the user for quick access of any related topic to the site

–      E-mail confirmation. After order processing and creation all payments the customer will be notified (by e-mail) about activation method for the software.

–      Online payment

The functionality of this web-based system that have been developed allows multi-user order processing, high-volume data management and is supported by the carefully developed security system


Technologies ASP.NET
Team 2 senior developers, 1 mid-level developer, 1 test engineer
Project Duration 12 man/months


  • Vim Solution has built extremely qualified and effective development team for us. Thanks to all Vim’s

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